Making "Change-for-Change" @ AAUW-Illinois (North)

April ’08 Spring Convention Update: I am proud to announce that AAUW-Illinois has donated its “Change-for-Change” collections to the “Inspiring Darfur Girls to Achieve” project. By agreement with AAUW President Ruth Sweetser, AAUW-Illinois contributed approximately 1/3rd of collections to AAUW’s Leadership and Training Institute (the AAUW arm now responsible for all programming initiatives including international…


10/17/07: CIFF '07 Closing Night Ceremonies

       Despite Jan’s horrible cold, we made it to Closing Night festivities @ the Chicago International Film Festival, wearing the t-shirts Cinema/Chicago had designed especially for us last year (well, OK, last year was the 42nd annual CIFF, but still…). In prior years, Closing Night at the Harris Theatre has been filled to the gills for dreck like THE…


Beautifully understated story about culture clash showcasing Collette as a workaholic Australian geologist forced to play tour guide for a visiting Japanese investor. Shot primarily in the vast Australian outback, the cinematography’s hypnotic. The subtle score reaches a poignant intensity as Collette watches her new friend board his flight home. More on JAPANESE STORY.